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We pride ourselves in being an exceptional clinic where your kids come first

Our practice works hard to meet the needs of children from infancy through college.  Compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive staff is the cornerstone of quality care.

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"To the lovely river heights staff, I remember when Mason started, you guys made the transition so easy and comfortable and it wasn't long before I knew he was in the best hands. You guys helped with so much, if it wasn't for you guys he may still be on the bottle LOL. You guys were there for every step along the way to help and give advice and to listen to my concerns and worrys. You literally helped raise Mason(and Layla) and shape him into the kid he is today. When Layla started i had no concerns, I knew she was in a great place with great people who always showed love and respect. When Brad and I lost our moms, and our baby you guys were all there for us, with hugs and kind words, even sharing your stories of loss which helped more than you know-to know we weren't alone. I've watched your staff become parents of their own (and I'm positive they are great ones, because I've seen how they are with mine) you are all so wonderful and have provided exceptional care for my babies throughout the years. I am so grateful for you guys, more than you know. Now Layla is off to JK, she is ready and will excell with the help from you all! We want to thank each and everyone of you who played a part in caring for our children-we couldn't have done it without you! This is such a bittersweet emotional day but I am so happy and blessed to have had you guys in our lives! Thank you all so much and we wish you all the best! We are going to miss you all! - Love from Kyla, Brad, Mason & Layla" September 2021
"Like most parents, I am very particular about who cares for my children. I also want the space to be inviting and clean. I toured many different daycare centres but it was RHCC that checked all the boxes for me! The staff are all wonderful, from office staff to teachers. My child's teacher was so caring and gentle and just so hard working. There were always different activities being set up, plus lovely toys, crafts, baking and outdoor play. And of course, the office staff were also very kind and just really nice people. There was no drama, everyone worked together to care for the children, it was like a little family. Last but not least, my daughter loved it there! She was seldom sad when I left and when I came to pick her up, she would be happy to see me but also happy to continue playing. Thank you everyone at RHCC!" - Justine V. October 2020
"In December 2014, my daughter joined the RHCC family.  When she enrolled at 18 months, she came to the center with some delays and had been failing to thrive in her previous child care.  She was unable to walk or crawl but with the help and dedication of the RHCC staff, she has overcome many obstacles and is now running and jumping - never mind the walking!  She is now thriving.  The staff received help from CISS (Childrens Integration Support Services) and on-site consultations from OCTC specialists.  These services provided support for the RHCC but the day to day staff were the ones who worked so hard to implement the recommendations made by the specialists. We are not located near the RHCC but bringing our daughter to RHCC results in an extra 40 km a day of driving.  We have had many opportunities to move her to closer childcare centers.  But we are convinced that she would not have made as much progress in another setting. She is keeping pace with her milestones and is flourishing.  I thank the staff for the tremendous impact and growth they have made with my daughter.  " Veronica S.  January 2017.
A Wake-up Story

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